Lane Discipline

To make our swimming sessions enjoyable and safe for all, it is important that all swimmers, irrespective of standard, understand and observe a number of simple lane disciplines:

    • Please shower before you enter the pool!
  • Please arrive on time for your swim. Arriving late can disrupt other swimmers. If you do arrive late please join the set at the point other swimmers have reached.
  • Always follow coaches instructions: Coaches will take all of the decisions about swimming in lanes, but if you pay attention to small details, the swimming session will be made easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.
  • Note which way round your lane is to swim, i.e. clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • Most swimmers will be in a lane with swimmers roughly of the same speed and ability. If they are going too fast or too slow, you should move up or down within the lane. Do not put yourself to the front of the lane if there are other faster swimmers who can maintain the required pace more easily than you.
  • At the end of the pool, do not stand in the way of incoming swimmers.
  • Do not swim down the black line in the middle of the lane – keep to the side of the lane, except when overtaking.
  • When passing a swimmer on a swim longer than 100m, brush their toes if you are close to the end of the wall. The slower swimmer should stop at the wall just long enough to let the faster swimmer past.
  • On longer sets, all swimmers should keep close to the lane rope to let faster swimmers past and down the middle i.e. be aware of swimmers around you.
  • If stopping and resting, stand close to the lane rope. Leave a gap in the centre of the lane for others to turn. Avoid disturbing the swimming of others who have not stopped for a rest.
  • In longer sets, remember that you need to pace yourself. Swimming hard for three lengths and then very slowly for the next thirteen in a 400m swim because you are tired, disrupts the other swimmers, and it doesn’t help to improve your own performance.

Observing these simple lane disciplines will make your swimming session, and those of your lane buddies, more enjoyable, productive and safe.